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Paul Orloff Esq.

Paul Orloff Esq.

Downey, California

    You are searching online because you have a problem and you need some advice and none of your friends and family know of a good attorney who you can count on.  You need someone who you can talk with, who understands the law and who speaks your language.  At Orloff & Associates, we understand this and help you through your problem.

    We do what it takes to get the problem solved, with honesty and integrity.  We understand that you don't want to spend any more than you have to and we truly respect that.  Our goal is for us to become your personal Attorney, legal counsel who you can refer to your friends and family, so they don't have to go online, playing the attorney lottery in hopes that a good looking site means they are a good attorney.

    Our strength comes from our knowledge and reliance upon the law.  The victory does not go to who can scream the loudest, but upon the premise that reasonable minds will prevail.  We take the time to do legal research to answer your question.  Our experience and tenacity, coupled with unorthodox approaches, gives you options to solving your problems.


Business Litigation

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Business Formation

Mortgage Fraud

Construction Disputes

Business Buying/Selling

Real Estate Litigation


Areas of Practice

  • Real Estate Law
  • Administrative Law
  • Contracts
  • Business Organizations
  • Construction Law
  • Employment Law -- Employee
  • Internet - Cyberspace
  • Litigation & Appeals
  • Business and Commercial Law
  • Landlord/Tenant


  • Russian
Office Location


8402 Florence Avenue, Suite B1
Downey, CA 90240

Phone: (562) 869-3034     
Facsimile: (562) 869-3539

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