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Downey Employment Law Attorney

Experienced Discrimination and Wage Disputes Lawyer

Employment legal disputes can affect your personal reputation, the reputation of your business, and can have a long-term impact on your financial and professional interests. Whether you are a business owner involved in an employment dispute or an employee pursuing a claim against an employer, our firm has the experience to effectively protect your interests. At The Law Offices of Orloff and Associates, APC, in Downey, California, we will take a strategic approach to your case, protecting your rights and minimizing the impact of your dispute.

California Employment Legal Disputes

California employment law can be complicated and involves statutes, case law, federal regulations and constitutional rights. Our firm has handled cases in state and federal courts against corporations, school districts, government agencies, hospitals and other entities. We will initiate an immediate investigation, identify legal issues in your case, and aggressively pursue your rights involving employment contracts, sexual discrimination, harassment, wage and hour disputes, FMLA and wrongful termination.

Case History and Our Record Results

  • Our firm successfully represented an employee who was a victim of gender discrimination and fired from a women's health facility
  • We have pursued claims in state and federal courts against school districts on behalf of teachers who were victims of constructive termination
  • Currently we are representing a client who was assaulted by a coworker and human resources failed to take action after it was reported

Protecting Your Rights and Reputation

Our Downey employment law attorney is dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our clients. This means taking the time to understand the details of every case and the potential pitfalls faced by our clients. We will always provide an honest evaluation of your case and give you straightforward counsel to protect your rights, reputation and financial interests.

Flexible appointment schedules · Credit cards accepted · Our Whittier wage and hour lawyer will address your needs as they arise or serve as de facto in-house counsel, remaining on call to help you and your business whenever a legal challenge arises. Contact us online or call us at 562-869-3034.

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