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Downey Mortgage Fraud Lawyer

Real estate and mortgage transactions and closings can be overwhelming and confusing. Buyers are asked to sign more documents than they could ever possibly review in a short meeting, and, while sellers are technically required to disclose property conditions and problems, the buyer must rely on them to do so in good faith. In fact, buyers have to rely on not only the truthfulness and good faith efforts of sellers, but also agents, brokers and lenders.

Unfortunately, there are numerous opportunities for misrepresentation in the mortgage process. If you suspect you have been defrauded regarding your mortgage, contact the mortgage fraud lawyers at Orloff & Associates. We understand that your real estate is of vital importance to you and your finances, regardless whether you are concerned about your home, commercial property or rental property.

Fighting for the Rights of Victims of Mortgage Fraud

Mortgage fraud is committed across California by a range of involved parties, including mortgage brokers, real estate agents, notaries, closers and lenders. If a seller fails to disclose or conceals property defects, or a mortgage agent or real estate agent deceived you regarding financing terms, you may have a right to compensation. The effects of mortgage fraud are not limited to just the residential market, but can be equally destructive for business owners.

In one of our recent cases, a client never received her disclosure documents when signing her mortgage. She later learned that her property had been transferred to her mortgage broker's husband. We are actively pursuing damages against the notary, the broker and the broker's spouse.

In another recent case, an agent agreed to attempt to sell a business within several months. The contract for representation, however, allowed the agent to take up to a year to sell the business. We represented the business owner and reached a fair settlement.

Contact Orloff & Associates

Contact Orloff & Associates for answers and assistance regarding mortgage fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, real estate disputes and breach of contract. We represent both victims of mortgage fraud and people accused of committing mortgage fraud. We have helped numerous people and organizations in the Downey area. In fact, our reputation for success is so well-known that we receive many new clients via referrals from current and former clients.

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