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Downey Securitization Lawyer

Predatory Lending and Mortgage Securitization

Mortgage loan terms, the secondary mortgage market, and economic downturn have raised a significant number of legal issues and complications for both buyers, sellers and lenders. At the Law Offices of Orloff and Associates, APC, we are experienced in forensic loan audits and protecting clients in cases involving securitization. We will take a strategic approach to your case, assess your assets and investments, review loan documents, and pursue every necessary step to protect your interests.

Protect Your Real Estate Investments in California

Predatory lending schemes and problems involving securitization stem from weak standards of underwriting and failed due diligence. In these schemes during the mortgage boom, mortgages were sold to second and third parties, resulting in property that nobody owns completely. Problems arise during the foreclosure process when a bank or lender pursues action without having title.

Our Downey securitization attorney represents clients in various aspects of securitization and finance structuring, including:

Securitization and Your Rights

Securitization is a highly complex area of law requiring the assistance of an attorney with knowledge of the secondary mortgage market, real estate law, and lending practices. Our firm stays abreast of all relevant law and its developments in the state of California and nationally. We will take the time to review the facts of your case, perform relevant forensic loan audits and take every necessary step to protect your rights and investments.

Flexible appointment schedules · Credit cards accepted · Our Whittier security interest lawyer will address your needs as they arise or serve as de facto in-house counsel, remaining on call to help you and your business whenever a legal challenge arises. Contact us online or call us at 562-869-3034.

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