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Downey Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

If you own real estate, you have probably taken considerable risk, expended a great deal of effort and have spent a huge amount to take possession of your property. If your property is damaged, threatened or encumbered, you deserve experienced, effective legal representation to enforce your property rights.

The law office of Orloff & Associates can help. We will work to protect your property and rights. For example:

  • If another party has encumbered your title, we can bring an action to quiet title in order to establish your claim, thus "quieting" challenges to your claim to the title.
  • If your ownership interest in personal property, equipment or a business is threatened, we can file suit to protect your assets.
  • If you are the victim of fraud, including mortgage and title fraud, we can represent you to obtain funds and establish ownership of purchased property.

We have handled several cases involving title actions and other real estate litigation including:

  • One client failed to receive her disclosure papers at the time of her residential real estate closing and later learned that her broker had transferred the property to a third party. We are currently pursuing an aggressive case for fraud.
  • In another case, our client purchased property which the seller and title stated had been legally subdivided. Our client later learned that the property had not been subdivided and was subsequently worth far less. We negotiated a settlement favoring our client.
  • Our client wished to establish a mixed-use, residential and commercial "safe house" as an extension of the church he founded. The neighborhood in which the safe house is to be established attempted to stop its development. We brought the matter to the city council and argued successfully for a conditional-use permit, allowing our client to proceed with his plans.

Contact Orloff & Associates

If you have questions regarding actions to quiet title, real estate disputes and real estate litigation, contact us. We have helped numerous individuals in the Downey area and receive many new clients via referrals from existing and past clients. We know how valuable your time and money are - that is why we are committed to resolving your legal matter as quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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